Parkersburg, WV - Instructions for repairing water damage and mold

Have you thought about what degree of harm the water from a flood will cause? Yes, you can get mold to show up on walls, rugs and furnishings. Hypersensitive reactions and respiratory issues could happen due to the mildew. For you to stay away from black mold, clear the home in the first 48 hours. To find out more about repairing water damage and mold, look at following instructions very carefully.

Difficulty:  Moderate


• Take away unimportant things such as books or periodicals which could result in fungus and to prevent moldy scents. Duplicate any important documents or items and remove them if they're thoroughly soaked.

• Use a water extraction vacuum to take out water from the floor covering. Steam-clean with the equipment’s recommended shampoo. Extract the water again. You are able to rent these machines from cleaning services and equipment stores. Put the carpet outside to allow them to be dried in the sun.

• To draw out water from the air and stop residual moisture from entering the walls, place a dehumidifier in your residence.

• Do not open the windows, it may allow fungal spores into your residence. To circulate air, place fans around the house.

• Remove and change damaged ceiling tiles.

• To remove any small puddles of water, use a clean rag to wipe it down.

• Have the drapes professionally cleaned. Remove them from around the windows.

• Replace the insulation from the wall that has been wet and replace it with a new one. Insulation will never dry properly and then collect mold.

• Check the drywall that is wet for swelling or exposed seams in the structure. To prevent swelling and aid in ventilation, remove insulation from the wall cavity. If there are any signs of buckling, replace the drywall.

• Use humidifier and fans at any wet wood surfaces to lessen damage. A light detergent such as dish soap should be used to clean treated or finished wood. Take away wet wall paneling from walls and allow it to dry separately.

These are some of the tips that may help you restore the water damages in your home. Water damage restoration is a challenging task, it may also require a help from an expert to be fully confident about the safety of your house and most importantly, your family. Call New Way Restoration in Parkersburg, WV to get help from an expert and be informed about water damage restoration. They are one of the most reliable water damage experts in Parkersburg, WV.